How To Fix Internal Hard Drive Not Found Error in Dell Devices?

How To Fix Internal Hard Drive Not Found Error in Dell Devices?

A computer hard drive is the main key of computer functioning which is a secondary storage device attached to the computer and is divided into two parts. The first one is known as a primary partition and the second one is two extended partitions. All our computer files are saved to this primary partition and the extended partition is further divided into various logical drives as well as user data saved in these drives. After switching on the computer device, the Power On Self Test option is used to check whether all critical hardware components are working right or not. After the “POST” task, the computer further checks for the hard drive problems as per the boot priority to easily load the operating system.  In this case if the device hard drive is not found then, it will generate an error message “Hard Drive Not Found” and the computer will not proceed with boot up process further. Here, we will introduce steps to fix hard drive not found error in Dell devices by explaining each step in details. 

Fix Internal Hard Drive Not Found ErrorSteps to troubleshoothard drive not found” error in Dell devices

Step 1: Check for any hard drive errors

  • The very steps are simply to check whether the power cable from switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is well connected to the hard drive or not because it helps to supply power. Your hard-drive is fixed into the computer tower and here one needs to open the side cover of the computer tower and then, check whether the hard disc connections are connected properly or not.
  1. The next step is to check whether the jumper setting is accurately set to be master and if the hard drive is well connected to slave port section or not. If it’s not then, there is every possibility that the hard disc will not be detected at all.
  2. So, here it is necessary to ensure that the jumper settings are correctly placed

Step 2: Check for BIOS set-up issues

  • The BIOS consists of hardware components where they are usually connected to onboard a SATA or IDE port, and if the port with which the hard drive is connected is disabled, it is quite possible that hard drive will not be detected at all by the computer and thus, it generates a message “Hard Drives Not Found”.
  • To avoid this issue, make sure that your computer’s BIOS settings are modified as and when needed

Step 3: Replacing all faulty cables as well as hard drive

  • Now, here if it is found that the hard drive is not detected even after following all the above mentioned steps then, it is recommended to replace all faulty data cables as well as power connection.
  • If cables are not faulty then, users are suggested to replace the hard drive with the new one and re-install the operating system.
  • Before beginning with the process of installation of a new hard drive, do make sure that it is compatible with the computer which you are working with.

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