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How to Fix Hard Drive Error code 0146 Dell Inspiron or “a Disk Read Error”?

If you are a Dell desktop/Laptop user, and you have experienced a problem ‘Dell Error Code 0146’, then don’t panic about it, as it caused by HDD and Windows Registry. Well, you can easily ‘Fix Hard Drive Error code 0146 Dell Inspiron’ or a ‘Disk Read Error’. Therefore, with the Dell laptops, there is a common issue of HDD, so it’s usually known as ‘2000-0146 disk error’. This error occurs due to various reasons, includes system freeze and crashes, applications to stop responding, window problem, slow performance of the device, and many others. (more…)

Steps To Fix 10×0.error 0x000000ce Driver Unloaded In Windows

While working with the Windows operating system, users may sometimes come across error known as 10×0.error code 0x000000ce driver unloaded. This is believed to happen when the hard disk does not sufficient space to store information. Other reasons include incompatibility issues of the computer BIOS system as well as system update problems, incorrectly configured or misplaced device drivers and corruption Windows registry files from a recent software installation process. The below blog will take you through all possible steps to troubleshoot 10×0.error 0x000000ce driver unloaded in Windows (more…)

How To Fix Dell Photo All in One Printer 926 Model Error 2200?

To Fix Dell Photo All in One Printer 926 Model Error 2200 occurs when your inkjet device is completely in multi-function mode. While getting this error, you will receive messages like print, copy, scan and fax the document. It can further stop users from scanning as well as printing files on the device. But, we are fortunate enough to have myriad of methods to fix Dell model error 2200. (more…)

How To Fix Dell All-in-One Printer Error 0502?

The Dell All-in-One Printer Error 0502 is caused due to hardware as well as connection issues in the device. Coating on the metal rod where cartridges travel is also one of the major causes of this critical error. Another reason includes a drag in the cartridges.  When this error executes, the printing process are not completed successfully. (more…)

What Are Common Dell Printer Error Codes?

All current Dell printers share an advanced feature and helps interpret various reasons of this problem to better assist in fixing them for future. As a matter of fact, Dell printers can some or the other way display error codes either on the display screen or on a computer screen. However, all these error codes are a matter of cause that can quickly be resolved by users. Well, most of them have software installed which further allows maintenance (more…)

How to Install and Configure a Dell Printer Driver on Mac OS X ?

It’s an essential thing for users to know the complete knowledge about how to Install and Configure a Dell Printer Driver on Mac OS X, the only purpose of avoiding any technical glitch. Therefore, Dell printer is of the best Printers and excellent for users to use, be it professional or personal use. It has numerous features, and it’s also available in different versions in the market, for windows & Mac OS X Operating System. (more…)

How To Remove Viruses From Windows 10 PC?

In this blog users will be guided about steps on how to remove viruses from Windows 10 PC with the Windows Defender Offline tool Windows 10 guide. Further creating a bootable USB drive with the stand-alone version of Microsoft’s free antivirus app will also be taught.


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